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About Thanh Nam

The predecessor of Thanh Nam Group is Thanh Nam Co., Ltd. specializing in stainless steel production, established on July 15, 2004. Through a process of constant striving, Thanh Nam from a small-scale enterprise has become a become a leading multi-industry corporation in Vietnam.

Main field

Thanh Nam Group specializes in supplying stainless steel sheets, coils, pipes with diverse types and specifications. With a rapid growth rate, Thanh Nam has maintained and continuously expanded its market share at home and abroad. Thanh Nam’s stainless steel products have been present in markets such as: Korea, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Greece, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Syria, etc. .

With a variety of stainless steel types such as 304 stainless steel, 430 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel… top quality, competitive price and perfect sales service, we have won absolute satisfaction and trust from all all customers. Furthermore, our stainless steel products are supplied by reputable manufacturers from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China with stable capacity, modern production lines and advanced technology. Strict quality control process ensures products meet customer requirements.

New turn

With the goal of becoming a leading multi-industry corporation in Asia, in addition to the stainless steel field, Thanh Nam Group has remarkable activities in the fields of real estate, investment in resorts, hotels, agricultural products, … The idea of ​​​​expanding the investment field has been planned and realized by large-scale projects such as:

Project of a complex of commercial centers, hotels and high-class apartments in Da Nang
Vuon Dao hotel project (Ha Long, Quang Ninh) is expected to have a total investment of up to 2,500 billion VND

Although being a latecomer, Thanh Nam has gained certain advantages such as accumulating many prime locations, professional design and operation units, etc., promising to become the focal point of the region in the holiday tourism industry. maintenance, real estate in general.

In business, Thanh Nam always upholds: “credibility”. When we trust and respect customers, customers are willing to cooperate with us for a long time. When we trust employees, employees are ready to dedicate themselves to their work. When we believe in our goal, we confidently achieve it. We always believe that nothing is impossible, because “Trust is strength”.

Based on a solid foundation, Thanh Nam Group develops by focusing on high-quality human resources – where collective strength is promoted, where creativity is constantly evolving and moving up in a strategic long-term direction. . With the motto of always being ready to overcome all challenges to become a leader, we always cherish each opportunity and cooperation towards a sustainable development Thanh Nam. “Prestige”, “Quality” and “Creativity” are our commitments in each stainless steel product and cutting service provided. That is the foundation for creating a brand to reap the success of Thanh Nam Group – a multi-industry, multi-field corporation.

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