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Core values

The image of Thanh Nam’s people is reflected in 6 core values:

1. Share

Thanh Nam Group always wishes to share the benefits of the Company to all employees. This sharing is to acknowledge, appreciate and thank the efforts of each individual who has built a career with Thanh Nam. At the same time, we want each employee to become a long-term associate, considering Thanh Nam as his own career goal. In the process of working, each member of the common house is encouraged and willing to share professional knowledge, working skills, experience as well as solutions to support each other to complete the assigned work well. Best.

For customers, partners, investors and diplomatic relations, Thanh Nam Group is ready to share benefits, transparent information, create favorable opportunities to contribute to the construction and companionship. long-term with the business career of customers, suppliers, …

2. Enthusiasm

Above all the sense of responsibility. Enthusiasm is when each employee in Thanh Nam Group always conceives of “doing today, don’t leave it for tomorrow”, working with all enthusiasm, high concentration and keeping the flame of passion in order to achieve the highest goal. . For the common goal of the company, limiting personal ego, willing to learn to improve working skills, professional knowledge, practical experience to work with the highest efficiency.

3. Integrity

3.1. For internal Thanh Nam:

Deal with work fairly, transparently, without covering, not tolerating mistakes of employees and colleagues.
Honest, straightforward, not deceitful and not for personal gain or tempted to affect the reputation of the company.
Speak and act consistently, do not think differently, say one thing, do another.
Talk less, do more, do not flaunt yourself, be humble and act decisively for the common goal of the company.
Dare to do, dare to accept, dare to accept responsibility when mistakes happen.

3.2. For customers and partners:

Do not hide information, transparent preferential policies for customers
No action to steal customers’ money
Ensure transparency of information on profits and business activities for partners and investors.

4. Professional

Always be proactive, have a clear, consistent plan from idea to implementation to achieve the set goal.
Behave in a civilized, right level, and clear manner in communication relationships at work
Ready to listen, learn knowledge and skills to improve yourself
Comply with the rules, procedures and regulations in working activities.
When working with customers, partners and employees must properly demonstrate the Thanh Nam culture from the smallest things such as: Greeting, welcoming, dealing, working directly with customers and partners.

5. Perseverance

Thanh Nam is a multi-industry, multi-field, multinational enterprise that creates many benefits for customers and society. Therefore, each of our employees always:

Maintain a firm stance and consistency from thought to action in all activities
Persevere in pursuing goals at work
Win without pride, lose without discouragement and be loyal to Thanh Nam’s mission
Unshaken by the bribing activities of competitors and negative factors that adversely affect Thanh Nam”

6. Start a business

This is one of the extremely important values ​​to turn Thanh Nam into a dynamic and innovative enterprise to suit the development of Vietnam and the world. Therefore, we always welcome and appreciate creative ideas and values ​​created from love of the profession and passion for work. We expect each employee to consider each job at Thanh Nam as an opportunity to start a business, from which dare to think and dare to invest. Thanh Nam Group always creates favorable conditions, shares benefits, provides a good foundation for employees who want to realize their dreams of ownership and always creates opportunities for each employee to develop their capacity, promotion to become a manager and other employees. key personnel of the company.

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