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Corporate culture

Thanh Nam Group is an enterprise that gathers a team of employees with different qualifications, levels of awareness, cultural ideology, social relations, etc. It is this difference that creates a diverse working environment, and corporate culture is the factor that helps all employees stick together and unite. On the other hand, corporate culture also helps the relationship between Thanh Nam Group and customers and partners become closer.

1. Responsibility to partners

  • Respect the laws and internal regulations. Compliance with laws and internal regulations is the first and foremost responsibility for Thanh Nam people.
  • Honesty – Integrity – Progressive. These are the three important qualities of every individual or business leader. It is the foundation of leadership and the key to success. Integrity is not the flash of leadership but we do the right thing, for that and what we have to do. That is also one of the important factors that help Thanh Nam Group develop and succeed to this day.
  • Consciousness of building a strong team


“A tree should not make premature
Three trees together make a high mountain.”

Each employee of Thanh Nam Group always has a sense of building a strong team, actively participating in activities for the community, contributing a part to the development of society.

2. Experience with colleagues

All employees of Thanh Nam Group wholeheartedly cooperate and help each other to complete the work. The success of an enterprise requires the efforts and contributions of each employee, so it is necessary to cooperate and support each other in work.

3. Responsibility to the community

  • Participating in environmental protection: compliance with laws and internal regulations is the first and foremost responsibility for Thanh Nam people.
  • Participating in social work: Thanh Nam Group Always determines its responsibility to the community and society

4. Responsibility of the leader

Leaders of Thanh Nam Group are always transparent in communication, willing to listen and exchange work with employees in a constructive and sharing spirit to help Thanh Nam grow more and more.

Mr. Nguyen Hung Cuong (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Thanh Nam Group) always makes the right and timely decisions in cultivating professional skills for staff, organizing major events of the Company or capital contribution policies. when it comes to new occupations.

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